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Marsden, Saskatchewan, Canada
Marsden, SK
Stew Meat
Stew Meat

Stew Meat

Stew Meat- Local Beef (2 lbs)


Approx. Weight: 2 lbs
Est. Delivery Time: Less than 1 week
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A full-flavored staple. Stew meat is great for slow-cooking, chili, stews, and numerous other recipes! Whip up a philly cheese-steak with our local beef...you won't regret your decision! Beef stew meat comes from the front shoulder, aka-chuck. Unlike your tender steaks, this tougher cut comes from well-worked muscles. The fat in this meat won’t just leak out. Instead, it actually melts into the meat- giving your dish an amazing taste!

For more than 5 generations as a family-farm we’ve been connected to our land; providing our customers the same food we put on our table every day to nourish our kids — the 6th generation of ranchers. We believe good food brings family together and we’re here to nourish your family inside and out; from farm to fork. It’s in our DNA as Canadian-born-and-bred ranchers to put an amazing product on your plate; not just a cut of meat.