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Marsden, Saskatchewan, Canada
Marsden, SK
Local Beef Tenderloin
Local Beef Tenderloin

Local Beef Tenderloin

Locally Raised Beef Tenderloin (4-5 lbs)


Approx. Weight: 5 lbs
Est. Delivery Time: Less than 1 week
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Beef tenderloin is widely regarded as the most tender cut of beef. It's perfect for any holiday celebration or special occasion. This is the piece of meat that filet mignon comes from--so you KNOW it's good. Our tenderloin will seriously melt in your mouth. Sure, it is a pricey piece of meat...but you can make a meal that will serve a crowd for far less than you’d ever spend for the same dish at a restaurant. You can cook a whole beef tenderloin or enjoy it cut into smaller roasts or as steaks. However you decide to prepare it- keep in mind that it generally tastes best at medium rare. Without a lot of interior fat, the meat can turn out dry and tough if it gets overcooked.

It’s Ranch-Raised, it’s not “Free-Range” Canadian Beef. We are the type of family ranch that goes against the grain. Nearly all cattle raised in the Canadian prairies is free range, and we’re not here to try and pull the wool over your eyes with trendy terms — we’re here to sell you amazing tasting beef that you can enjoy around the dinner table or picnic table.

When you know where your food comes from — the land that the cattle graze, the crisp prairie air that they breath in, the ranchers that calved them — you don’t need to hear buzzwords like “free-range.” Even though we might have bulls, we’re completely free of BS.

So what about antibiotic-free beef? Well, let’s clear this up. All beef is antibiotic-free because the Canadian Food Inspection Agency requires a minimum withdrawal time before beef can be sold. And, just like in humans, sometimes cattle need antibiotics to guard against sickness — we believe this is the most humane way to raise cattle.

We believe good food brings family together and we’re here to nourish your family inside and out; from farm to fork. It’s in our DNA as Canadian-born-and-bred ranchers to put an amazing product on your plate; not just a cut of steak. The way we ranch is a tradition we enjoy: using horses to herd, growing our own feed, getting our kids involved in the farm. Our style of ranching is a point of pride for us, and we think it’ll be a point of pride for you too.

Having a connection to the food you eat is something we value, so let’s share in the experience of great food!
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